Evidence has been found to suggest that woodland creatures have the ability to fabricate their own toilets! This little-known fact was first discovered by Shai Scoffington in the Cagadan Forest of Lienteria Hills, Scotland.

Figure 1.

The first evidence of animal’s lavatorial ingenuity was happened upon in 1912 while on an expedition to study the mating habits of the native capercaillies birds. While setting up camp, Scoffington naturally sat upon what he believed to be the stump of a fallen tree. Later that afternoon a colleague joked that his image on the stump resembled a man using a latrine. For the time this was a highly offensive and cruel joke, Scoffington took it so seriously that he became determined to prove his dissimilarity with that assessment.

However, upon investigation he deduced it was no stump he was sitting on at all, but actually a crudely crafted latrine. This discovery was shocking though quickly assumed to be the result of a woods nomad or hobo traveler. However, after closer inspection, Scoffington noticed the droppings within the “bowl” undeniably belonged to Scotland’s red deer. This discovery was perplexing for Scoffington, not much more was done of it besides a drawing and a note of the incident in his journal.

It is the next incident which remains as the true evidence of animal toilet creation. Only two years later while on a similar expedition into the same woods, Scoffington and his crew witnessed first hand an animal using an even more advanced make-shift latrine. This incident was documented with a photograph which captured the animal just as it caught a glimpse of the human spectators (fig. 1). This photo is kept on display at the Lienteria Hills Museum, viewable along with the toilet which was removed from the woods and is preserved in an air tight glass container.

Since this incident there have been numerous reports of woodland creature toilet use sightings, but none caught on film, and all found toilet claims have been proven fakes.



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