Most historians agree the holy grail of Scandinavian mythology is the Basket of Golden Droppings, or as it was known to the Norse people, Gullin Kagadön er Urxezia.

This mythical artifact actually has some allure of truth, since most Nordic mythology has been traced to historic roots through the work of Snorri Scrotuluson when he collected the various Nordic stories in the Hemskatingla. The story of the Golden Droppings originates from Gautrek's Saga. As Starkad's foster-father Grani Horsehair is returning to council, Odin bestowed upon Starkad the magic to defecate pure gold so that he could afford the best swords to defeat Hergrim in their legendary holmgang (duel). Since Starkad was a Jotun (giant), the Gullin Kagadön er Urxezia (Basket of Golden Droppings) is thought to be useful in conjuring the magic of Jotun creation. It has been long sought after by many Kings and adventurers.

This story also has some recent history. During Mussolini’s rise to power it was well-known that he orchestrated strange secret missions to seek out artifacts of mystical lore. One such mission was to find the Basket of Golden Droppings. All that remains of this mission are the orders to conduct the mission (fig. 1), the knowledge that no such artifact exists, and a photograph of the proud army unit with a chest full of what they thought was the Basket of Golden Droppings (fig. 2). Close inspection substantiates the suspicion that they were duped by a quick thinking antique dealer. You can decide for yourself.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.



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