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Did you know... Approximately one in 17 persons in this country will develop colorectal cancer at some point in life.
more info:

Medline Plus, Colorectal Cancer Info
Colorectal Cancer (PDQ): Prevention
Risk Factors and Recommendations for Early Detection
SOP supports a good cause... 50¢ of each $5.00 magnet sale will be donated to The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation* ( to aid in colon cancer research and awareness.

Simple routine screenings can drastically improve your chances to beat colon cancer. We hope this poopaganda™ will help remind people of the importance of their bowel movement. Our ability to live a cancer free life depends on our poops, won't you support them?

* We are not affiliated with The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation

...without supporting slave labor The current state of international trade and labor practices is also a big problem. We think that people should be paid more than $3/week. So as well as poops, we support American business and fair labor practices.



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